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  • "Dr. Chiang’s work is of the highest quality and he is committed to patient satisfaction and quality care."
    — Karl
  • "I have had nothing but a great experience since coming here."
    — Lashanda
  • "Dr. Chiang makes me feel comfortable and welcome like his own family member. He is very gentle."
    — Faith
  • "I feel very comfortable coming to BDA. I am very well taken care of."
    — Shanzay

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Some of our favorite reviews.


You're in great hands with Bellevue Dental Arts!  I've been a patient since 2014. I'm one of those patients that need special attention due to my condition. I need to see a Periodontists. That's when I meet Dr. Chiang. Seeing Dr. Ryan Chiang assured me we have a game plan. Since than we both notice much improvements with my teeth. Very happy! So happy I also had my 2 kids switch Dentist. Before my son 1st visit with Bellevue Dental Arts my son had a bike accident and knock out both his  front teeth. This was bad. Since this accident happened after hours I called Ryan and left a voice mail. I was suprise he called me back during after hours. Dr. Chiang told me he has a booked schedule for tomorrow but will fit him in the morning. I felt MY Dentists bent over backwards to make this happen for my son. Who does that?  MY DENTISTS!!! Thank you Bellevue Dental Arts. You have a patient for life.

Odicar, Seattle, WA via YELP!


Just went back for my 6-month cleaning.  I continue to be amazed at the quality of service I get here at Bellevue Dental Arts.  I was able to watch the show I wanted, as Ellen didn't really appeal to me while receiving dental work.  Not sure which one is more painful! (No offense to Ellen fans, just not my style)  Through a review of my previous treatments, everything is holding up great and I couldn't be happier to have all the metal out of my mouth.  Highly recommend!

— Tom, Everett, WA


I first visited Dr. Ryan Chiang in November 2009 to have my wisdom teeth taken out.  I am 25 years old and the last time I'd been to a dentist before that was middle school, maybe even elementary school...horrible, I know!  Dental hygiene was never a high priority in my family.  My grandparents had dentures by the time they were in their 40's and my mom and dad have had issues of their own as well.

In addition to not taking care of my teeth growing up, I started using meth at the age of 21 and did for 3 years.  In that short time I did some major damage to my teeth.  I was constantly grinding my teeth, eating too many sweet sugary foods without brushing or flossing, and my mouth was always dry leading to tooth decay...the effects were devastating.

I have been clean for over and year and a half now and am happier than I've ever been!  I was hesitant to go to a dentist even though I desperately needed to because I was afraid I would be looked down upon or judged.  To my surprise that was not the case at all!

The entire staff at Bellevue Dental Arts has been so kind, compassionate and understanding, I was blown away!  Not only does Dr. Chiang do great work, he is committed to the care of his patients on a personal level.  I actually look forward to going to the dentist now!

It's going to be a long road to get my smile healthy again, but I'm confident I'm in good hands.  Thank you Dr. Ryan Chiang and everyone at Bellevue Dental Arts!

— Erika, Issaquah, WA


Dr. Ryan Chiang and his staff are the most caring and professional dental office I have come across. They went above and beyond there duty, and it was my first time back in the chair for a couple of years. I had fun! I highly recommend Bellevue Dental Arts. You wont be disappointed.

— Skye, Bellevue, WA



This is a great place to have your dental work done.  I got Jr. and he was fantastic.  He also had s bit of humor to make the visit as easy as possible. He did great!  Very nice people, funny and able to cope with the remnants of me trying to extract my own tooth without Novocain. They explained every aspect of the procedures and made me feel like family.  I would highly recommend them to anyone!  Thanks Doc! You did good!

— Charlie, Seattle, WA


If you're on the lookout for a new dentist in this area, I highly recommend doctor Ryan Chiang! Prior to my experiences at this office, I was terrified of sitting in the chair. I've been to dentists that were very rough, and never talked to me but Dr. Chiang goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. I feel like a big baby being so scared of getting my teeth done but he tries his best to make you feel at ease and he never pressures you into doing anything you do not want to do. Instead, he gives you his opinions and options, backed up with valid reasonings before performing anything in your mouth. 
He seems very confident while he works which makes me feel confident that he's doing a good job! He stops everyone once in a while for a brief moment just to make sure you're still doing fine.
Rosemary has always assisted him when I came in and she's great! She's so easy going and fun to talk to. They both are very gentle.
Also, unrelated to service, they have a very nice office! It might not seem new on the outside but the inside is very modern! And very clean. I have a really weird thing about liking bathrooms that are nice in public and this bathroom was niceeeeeeeee :) 
Oh and a final note, it doesn't say anything on their websites but they do offer 3 months interest free for payments in case you need to pay a little at a time. The dentist can get pricey!

Anna, Seattle, WA via YELP!



I was referred to Bellevue Dental Arts when I moved to the Eastside, and now I wish I had gone to them sooner. I have to give kudos to Lisa, who has been my dental hygenist, who is thorough and professional. I never feel like I'm a bother with Dr. Ryan Chiang, he actually sits and talks to me about the state of my teeth. Their general attitude is never pushy but informative and you feel enpowered to take hold of own health. The office is clean, there isn't ever a long waiting period and everybody seems happy to be there.

— Susy, Bellevue, WA via YELP!


I have nothing but the best recommendations to give to Bellevue Dental Arts and Drs. Ryan and Norman Chiang.  I have been a long term patient for me and my family and they have been exceptional.  I thought earlier this year to check out a different dentist that they said that my insurance would cover as Preferred.  They, in fact, were not preferred as they implied and they tried to get every penny from me and my insurance instead of treating me with dignity and respect that I always received from Drs. Chiang.  I am very happy to be back and now that I have seen the "other" side, I am staying with Bellevue Dental Arts.

— Doug, Bellevue, WA



I have been going to Dr Chiang for almost 40 years and have been a very happy patient of his.  I have had extensive work done all to my satisfaction.  I am now a patient of his son and am happy with him as well.  The staff is very helpful and pleasant to work with.  The office is conveniently located with free parking.  I would highly recommend this dental practice.

— Barbara, Woodinville WA



Dr. Ryan Chiang is a wonderful dentist.  He worked on my 5 year old daughter and did 4 fillings on her and she didn't even cry.  I love the dental work and treatment I get going to that office.   I would highly recommend Dr.Ryan Chiang to anybody looking for great dentist.  He is the best.

— Cindy, Seattle, WA



Norm's been my dentist for over 20 years(!) and I've always been glad to refer anyone to his practice.   He's always embraced the latest technology, never 'upsell' on procedures/techniques you don't need, and is just an all-around good dentist.   I'm glad Ryan's joined the team to 'keep it in the family.'

— Kristen, Mountlake Terrace, WA



I've been a patient of Dr. Chiang's my whole life and I've never had a cavity which is a huge testament to his practice given the copious amounts of junk food and pop I consumed growing up. Even now that I live in Seattle, I still find myself commuting what is the 520 bridge hell twice a year for my bi-yearly cleanings.

— Michael, Seattle, WA

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